Types of NDT Companies and Their Characteristics

Types of NDT Companies and Their Characteristics

Among the different types of NDT companies in Dubai are Optically-based, Electromagnetic, and X-ray inspection companies. These companies provide various services to ensure that their products meet the highest standards. While they may specialize in one or more methods, they are all capable of using the same tools. Here are some common applications for these companies:

Optically-based non-destructive testing:

Optical non-destructive testing (NDT) has recently gained much attention due to its increased sensitivity and precision. This article will briefly review several optically-based NDT technologies. Fiber optics offer simple geometrical optics, electronic speckle focuses on whole-field precision detection, and infrared thermography has unique advantages when combined with other materials. Endoscopic imaging is a new development that provides images of the inside surfaces of objects. Terahertz technology opens up a whole new direction in internal NDT.

Electromagnetic testing:

EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is a branch of electrical engineering that focuses on testing electrical and electronic devices. Electronic products such as automobiles, gaming systems, and jets must be tested for their sensitivity to harmful electromagnetic interference. Even simple household appliances and gadgets can cause electromagnetic interference, and they need to be configured to prevent them. EMI and EMC testing are essential for the safety of electronics, as faulty devices can cost millions of dollars.

X-ray inspection:

Non-destructive testing (NDT) refers to various methods used to examine an object without causing any damage. Typical candidates for NDT include welding, casting, buildings, railways, aircraft, and concrete underground pipelines. A few companies specialize in X-ray inspections, such as mobile x-ray generators. Hamamatsu has provided high-precision X-ray equipment to the aerospace industry for more than two decades.

CT inspection:

If you’re looking for a CT inspection company, choose from several types. Some specialize in one type of inspection, while others are multidisciplinary. For example, some CT inspections are performed on aerospace components. In addition to assessing material integrity, these tests can detect delamination or porosity in composite materials. Using international imaging standards, CT inspections can determine the depth and volume of defects in various materials. These are different types of NDT companies, and every company has its task and characteristics.