What Items Can’t Be Moved by Movers?

What Items Can’t Be Moved by Movers?

There are a few things that movers in business bay cannot move when moving. Listed below are some of these: Hazardous materials, Perishable items, and Food. Also, it is not advisable to pack household cleaning products, such as bleach. These substances may be flammable, and a spill could ruin the entire move. This is why moving companies aren’t allowed to load cleaning supplies on their trucks.


Most local movers won’t transport perishables. This includes all foods and drinks. However, unopened cans and unopened bottles of beverages may be transported. If you don’t need these items to be moved, you should stop shopping at least a week before the move. Plants, too, are considered perishable but aren’t transported. These items must be handled with care and must meet certain agricultural requirements.

Hazardous materials:

While professional movers are equipped to handle a wide range of household items, they do not transport hazardous materials. These materials are illegal to move in most circumstances and can risk the environment, people, and even themselves. Some of the movers’ items that cannot move include ammo, cleaning solvents, charged scuba tanks, batteries, nail polish, and aerosol cans. Other potentially hazardous items include weapons, explosives, and acid-based batteries.


There are many advantages of moving with your pet, but it is important to consider some of its needs. Long-distance movers do not move pets because the air quality is not conducive for them. Even on short-haul trips, the temperature can reach dangerous levels. Consequently, they cannot travel safely in the moving van. Moreover, a long-distance move can also be quite expensive. If you must move your pets, you should consider a moving company registered with the Agriculture Department.


If you want to move to a new place, you need to be aware of the things a professional mover can and cannot transport. Because moving trucks do not have refrigeration units, you cannot move perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. Moving trucks also do not have space for liquids, which could damage other items in the truck. Therefore, you should consider storing these items separately and preparing them before moving day. If you consider moving, be sure what items movers can’t move.